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We are a small studio concentrating
 on high quality illustration work and art  projects for publishers who desire  special attention to their illustration  programs.

Accuracy, reliability, good design, and  attention to detail are our hallmarks.

All fields of science including anatomy,  archaeology, anthropology, astronomy,
 biology, chemistry, genetics, plants,  physics, psychology, zoology and more.

Providing freelance technical and biological  illustration services for college texts and  trade books publishers since 1974.

Years of hands-on experience in traditional  illustration, photography and printing brings  full understanding of these processes to our  digital work.

Extensive knowledge of professional  graphics software and computer   technology allows us to create effective  trouble-free  electronic files.

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The copyrights to all the images shown on this website are held by major international publishers. Any duplication or use of the images, either private or public, without their written permission constitutes copyright infringement and is done at your own risk.

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