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Our Book is Being Born!

Our book, Berta and Elmer Hader: A Lifetime of Art, is now in the final stages of completion! Our official release date is

October 17, 2013, with a book-signing party at Douglas County Library, Roseburg, OR, 7–9 pm.

We hope you’ll join us for a fun evening and first look at our beautiful book!



After more than eight months of researching, writing, editing, designing, composing, image editing and more, the 144-page,

full-color book was printed at Shelton Turnbull in Eugene last week.

John and Judy did the press checks at Shelton Turnbull for 50 straight hours, and the book is now at Rose City Bindery in Portland.

The printing of a book is a fascinating process.

Here are some shots from the press checks.


John at the press check station checking our cover, hot off the press.


Our night-shift pressman, David.


A sheet comprised of four pages is a signature. Each side of a signature requires four plates, one for each color of ink: cyan, magenta, yellow, and black.


All the signatures for our book, stacked in piles of 3,000, ready to be packaged and shipped to the Bindery. An impressive sight!


There are four of us authors:

Joy Rich, niece of the Haders;

Karen Tolley, number one Hader fan, Executive Director of Hader Connection, Ltd., and writer extraordinaire;

Judy Waller, editing, book design and composition;

and John Waller, who handled all the images and prepared them for the book.

Learn more at Hader Connection and find a schedule of upcoming signings and presentations at Joyful Productions.

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