Judy Morris Workshop: Better Watercolors From Start to Finish

I used my prize money from ArtWorksNW, for my painting, Over the Top!,” to take a fabulous 4-day workshop from Judy Morris at Emerald Art Center this November in Springfield. We learned many valuable lessons about composition, choosing color chords, and creating textural interest in our paintings.

Here are a couple of my favorites of her paintings. The Story is always an important component in each of her paintings, and she told a great story about “Guinness at Six,” below. Judy overheard a young woman at a show interpreting this painting: “The suits, briefcase and shiny black shoes represent the corporate world; the beer represents the average citizen, and they have no heads because the two can never see eye to eye!”

“Guinness at Six” Watercolor by Judy Morris

“Paper Chase” Watercolor by Judy Morris